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Marshal's Alphabet

The Marshal’s Alphabet was created many years ago and no one knew then that it would be used in a book.
I invented my alphabet so that no one would read my diaries. Years later, when I was moving house, I came across a notebook in which I had written the story of my life. It had a sturdy, beautiful cover with a magnet in the middle.
I opened it carefully, remembering how meticulously I had calligraphed the letters I had invented. I remembered my surprise when I saw the pages written in this mysterious handwriting. I immediately felt that I had to do something about it. Shortly afterwards, the stories of Marshal’s Traveller began to appear as I began to draw pictures.
Anna Hamela

"Marshal on the move"

Contact details

Marshal. Anna Hamela Majewska
ul. 20 Stycznia 1920 r. 17/3
85-081 Bydgoszcz, Poland
NIP: 6161007097

Bank account number:
PL 32 1020 1462 0000 7902 0423 1734


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