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Anna was not particularly adept at painting during her school days. Instead, she was frustrated and dissatisfied with this subject, especially when the paint dried on the paper and the picture bore no resemblance to the original idea.
However, a beautiful and happy day come years later when one of her first paintings entitled ‘Marshal’ flew to Dubai for a gallery exhibition.
For the past three years, Anna has been attempting to hold an exhibition of her paintings. However, every time she completes one, it finds a buyer almost immediately, leading to the question: what is the special charm that enchants people to rush and purchase her art? One woman purchased four paintings, exclaiming,
‘They are incredibly realistic!’

'Pattern for happiness'

‘There’s an amazing energy emanating from them!’


‘I feel so much better with it in my office’


‘We acquired this piece for our children. They adore it.’


Anna Hamela

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Contact details

Marshal. Anna Hamela Majewska
ul. 20 Stycznia 1920 r. 17/3
85-081 Bydgoszcz, Poland
NIP: 6161007097

Bank account number:
PL 32 1020 1462 0000 7902 0423 1734


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Anna Hamela

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