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Anna Hamela

‘It was music that taught me harmony in life, while colours made it so beautiful and colourful’

So many people today conduct spiritual development classes; courses and workshops to improve our lives. So many people write books today.
What should you choose for yourself?
What should guide you in choosing someone to draw inspiration from?
Anna Hamela did not graduate from a music school. But that has not stopped her from writing beautiful power songs and performing them at concerts that move so many people to tears.
Anna Hamela did not graduate from an art school either, but her paintings are appreciated at home and abroad.
What is the phenomenon of Anna's personal success?
Most people do not have the courage to follow their heart. It takes a lot of work, consistency and discipline. Doing the things you need to do, not the things you like to do. It is about being sincere and honest, courageous and patient.
Being kind, open-minded and loving. Ready for ever-changing internal and external conditions.
It is the deep life experiences that have awakened in her a great desire to understand the world.
These most difficult experiences have transformed and changed her personality the most.
There is no doubt that her great talent is a gift. But without the work on herself, it would be like ballast, reminding us of the most important thing – awareness.
The water in us is programmable. We are about 75-80 per cent water.
Under the influence of sounds and colours its structure changes.
Anna has spent decades testing the effects of sound and colour on her wellbeing.
She has tested the importance of what we look at and what we listen to.

This is what we learn in the Shamanic Painting Workshop and also in the Shamanic Sound Workshop. In both workshops the influence of music and colour on our lives is discussed.
If you cannot see something, it does not mean that it is not there.
Good waves have a beneficial effect on us.
It is useful to know what raises our vibration and what lowers it.
When the water within us remembers this information, how beautiful and simple our lives can be.
Music can soothe pain and assist in the healing process of trauma. Colours and shapes affect all major areas of our lives.

In all of Anna's workshops, participants have the opportunity to learn how to perform the Five Tibetan Rites correctly.

The combination of these three aspects of our lives: sounds, colours and body work, form the basis for a life in balance and harmony.

Contact details

Marshal. Anna Hamela Majewska
ul. 20 Stycznia 1920 r. 17/3
85-081 Bydgoszcz, Poland
NIP: 6161007097

Bank account number:
PL 32 1020 1462 0000 7902 0423 1734


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