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Marshal on the move

Anna Hamela

“A wave is the smile of the ocean.”

A book for children and adults.
A metaphysical story, written with a beautiful and pleasant flow. Marshall is a being who brings good news. It invites the reader on a journey to the land of goodness and love. This land, as it will turn out, is ourselves.
In this book I will include photographs of my paintings. An interesting fact will be that part of the book will be written in Polish and part (the same text) in the lunar alphabet, which I invented a long time ago. The alphabet will, of course, be accessible to everyone.
To live with you is an unearthly sweetness.
Said Marshall.
There was only one thing missing – Myself.
So I found Myself.
The longer this goes on, the calmer I breathe, the brighter my inner Sun shines.
And even though there are days when my heart rumbles like a bridge with horses galloping over it…
I know that I Am.
I know that You Are.
Everything else is a bliss, Celebration, carrying in our arms, God.
A long time ago I stopped believing that I could be myself, and yet it was inevitable that I would be able to begin to live truly.
It could only happen if I lived in Myself.
I experienced such a deep homelessness that I could not bear it.
And that was what saved my life.
Extract from the book ‘Marshal w Podróży’
We all come from one Source and one day we will return to it.
That is where Our Home is.
We have chosen Earth because it is a beautiful planet.
Here we have the opportunity to grow and experience.
We are Love.
We are the Light.
The Source that is within Us never fails.
We choose how we feel with ourselves.
So let us feel good about ourselves.
We have the power to do things that bring us joy.
So let us do them, for then we live fully.
We deserve freedom, love, joy and Happiness.
Anna Hamela

"Marshal on the move"

Contact details

Marshal. Anna Hamela Majewska
ul. 20 Stycznia 1920 r. 17/3
85-081 Bydgoszcz, Poland
NIP: 6161007097

Bank account number:
PL 32 1020 1462 0000 7902 0423 1734


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