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Clothing – Marshal's collection

They say that a faint heart never won a fair lady, that nothing succeeds like success, that success is easy.
All this is true if we do what we love in life and love what we do. In Anna Hamela’s case, one fulfilled dream makes room for another.
Here is one of them:
‘As soon as I started painting, I dreamed of transferring them onto fabric and making clothes out of them.
This happened three years later.
This is just the beginning of the Marshal Collection activities. More energetic garments will soon be available.
Anna Hamela

‘Discover the energetic Marshal collection’

Anna Hamela

Get to know the Marshal clothing collection.

Contact details

Marshal. Anna Hamela Majewska
ul. 20 Stycznia 1920 r. 17/3
85-081 Bydgoszcz, Poland
NIP: 6161007097

Bank account number:
PL 32 1020 1462 0000 7902 0423 1734


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